It’s hard to define a single product for creative agency, but then again Oi! is not like the rest of creative agencies. Our strongest parts are graphic design, photography and video content. With these 3 fields, we are able to provide our clients with complete branding, design for printed and digital catalogues, WordPress-based websites, photo and video material with creative lighting created either in our studio or at any location the clients wish. 

We guide our clients from the idea to the finalized product. Our past experience gave us a unique set of skills. Our design is minimalistic, polished and every line or visual element in the design has a reason and a story behind it. Nothing is there just because. We immerse ourselves in the client’s story and values, it is here where we draw our inspiration from. Design fulfils it's purpose, when it draws attention and helps our clients to spread their word or sell their products. 

Our photography is sharp and on the edge. We are used to extreme conditions. Waiting one and a half hour in the freezing cold for a snowboarder to perform a trick, is just another day in the office for us. We love danger and it’s not unusual for us to climb cranes or stick our camera in a lathe machine, just to get a different point of view.

At the end of the day, we are just human beings and after all this adrenaline, we love some peace and quiet. We switch to Zen mode in our studio, perfectly designed for product photography. In this quiet place, we are free to create product photography.

 You see, it’s not that easy to define one single product for creative agencies... or maybe it is. Our product is simply a combination of graphic design and visual components that helps our clients to break through the everyday noise that is today’s marketing.


Valentina Krašna
Graphic designer, minimalist and Supermom


Uroš Rojc
Photographer and Videographer, optimist and adrenalin junkie

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